The Lost Art of The Handwritten Word

With current times giving us emails, texts, and instant messaging at home and on-the-go; the art of the handwritten word has been lost. We have Blackberries and computers electronically telling us where we have to be and what we have to do. No longer do we write our schedules in beautiful leather-bound diaries that we can keep and look back on for years to come.
It is time for us to appreciate the beauty of writing by hand; and the enjoyment that can be got from it.
Despite having a Blackberry and every other time-keeping and communications gadget our planet possesses, I insist on using a lovely floral hardback diary. There is nothing quite so simple and enjoyable as turning the pages to see what the next week has in store, or neatly jotting in that lunch date with a much loved friend.
The same with correspondance. Stationary can be such a lovely representation of who we are, and the buying of it opens up a whole new world of shopping. Why type out an email thanking someone for a beautiful present, when you can write them a letter with your own hand? It’s so much more personal, and the recipient will appreciate it all the more. I firmly believe in the power of the handwritten ‘Thank You’ note.
Debretts say that “Receiving a thoughtfully penned letter from a thoroughly modern girl should command delight. The impact is lost, however, if a piece of photocopier paper with the scrawl of a biro is extricated from a business envelope featuring the logo of an employer. Every sophisticate should have a stationary supply and stationary, like clothing, is an interface to personality.”
When writing a letter or card, it is good practice to always include your address; and your sign-off (e.g. Best Wishes) should, as Debretts instructs, reflect your relationship with the recipient.
Smythson is one of my favourite stationary and diary suppliers. I love their Fashion Diary. Get the 2010 edition in stores now. Not only is it a beautiful leather bound diary; but it will keep you in-the-loop with the all the major scheduled fashion events.
The website is another one of my favourite places to buy notecards and greetings cards. There is something for everyone amongst their stylish designs.
So, next time you are going out shopping, remember you’ve got something new to add to your list.

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