Mind & More Omega 3: Be Beautiful From The Inside Out

Winter is here. Is the cold weather getting you and your body down? We at Twinkle HQ have been taking Mind & More Omega 3. It's a fabulous food supplement that's really helped to keep our brains and bodies in check this season.
Omega 3 fatty-acids are essential for our bodies to help our brain, eyes and heart; and a lack of it can bring on depression. Whilst we can get them in our diet from fish, for example; we often don't take in as much as we need. Mind & More Omega 3 is an excellent natural way to give us all the Omega 3 that we need direct from marine plants. What's more, as it's 100% plant based, it's suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 

Stock up on Mind & More Omega 3 now at Holland & Barrett for £9.99

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