What Celeb Men Want For Christmas

Do you struggle with what to buy the men in your life for Christmas? Twinkle is here to help. We've asked some lovely celebrity men what they would like, and they have told us exclusively at Twinkle what is on their letters to Santa (and their requests are quite simple)...
Comedian PHIL JUPITUS wants... Kiehls male grooming products, and a DVD of series one of Sgt.Bilko.
TV personality and all-round lovely man NEIL HAMILTON wants... books. 

Gavin & Stacey actor MAT HORNE wants... a wife.

Actor, and son of Tom Hanks, COLIN HANKS wants... the San Francisco Giants to win the league.

MTV's Being Victor, and Waterloo Road actor DEAN SMITH wants... a 6-pack and a new toaster.

Presenter ANDI PETERS wants... a new watch.

Writer, Strategist and previous Political Aide to Tony Blair ALASTAIR CAMPBELL wants... Burnley FC to win on Boxing Day.

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