Party Make-up With Stargazer

With the Christmas party season fast approaching, you'll need to start preparing what you are going to wear. Make-up is just as important as clothes in creating that fabulous look. We at Twinkle HQ are in love with Stargazer's huge range of sparkly cosmetics. Celebrities and Royalty are also fans of the brand. Little Boots and Princess Eugenie are fans of Stargazer's false eyelashes. These high-quality, low-cost lashes will give you mesmerizing eyes in an instant for just £5.
We also love Stargazer's glitter pots which are long-lasting and versatile little pots of glitter dust. You can out them on your cheeks, or eyes, or sprinkle a little in your hair. They are available in the classic gold and silver, or in brighter shades like pink and blue.They are just £3 each, and a little goes a long way. Visit to buy.

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