Skincare Essentials

For a month now, we at Twinkle HQ have been diligently testing the beauty industry's skincare products so that we could narrow it down to our top three products that help you combat wrinkles and dry Winter skin.

We adore Herbfarmacy's Mallow Beauty Balm (30g) for £11.50. The delicious scent of their signature herb Marshmallow, and Mullein flowers will make you want to apply it all day long. A little of this goes a long way however, as this balm literally melts into the skin. Use it to reduce lines and wrinkles, and provide nourishment to skin that has faced the hard Winter elements. Get it from

We were also very impressed with Nivea's Q10 Plus Refreshing Anti Wrinkle Eye Roll-On for £9.99 . Applying this really is addictive- it's cooling and massaging roller ball effect is a treat for eyes! It instantly reduces puffiness and dark circles whilst helping your skin to combat lines and wrinkles. Get it from

Another product which is definitely worth a mention is Roc's Sublime Energy Eye for £29.99. This is a definite wrinkle-attacker. It's E-Pulse action sends thousands of imperceptible electrical pulses to your skin. The application process is a two-step one. First apply the E-Pulse concentrate with it's tiny zinc and copper particles; then apply the moisturiser to activate the bioelecricity. This is a super-effective and super-hydrating product from Roc. Get it at

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