Black Swan

The gorgeous Natalie Portman's new film 'Black Swan' hit cinema screens in the UK earlier this week. It tells the story of two rival ballet dancers, each competing for the lead in Swan Lake. The leading lady is required to play both the Black Swan and the White Swan. Both Nina (Natalie Portman) and Lily (Mila Kunis) personify one of the two; but it's who can play them both.
The make-up is beautiful; and the costume design by Amy Westcott is stunning. We've put together our own ballet inspired looks that are available for you in stores now...
Black Swan

We are also loving the new eye palette for Spring from Chanel. Ombres PerlĂ©es de Chanel contains five delicate pearlescent shades that will make you look beautiful and bring out your inner ballerina. The eyeshadows are soft and provide excellent colour coverage. Just like pearls, these shades have a gorgeous natural lustre. This is a limited edition palette, so for more information, visit Chanel.

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