New Year Fitness

Ok, it's two weeks into the New Year, and the five boxes of mince pies left in your kitchen cupboard have now been eaten. Waste not want not! Now it's time to kick-start that fitness regime that was somewhere on your list of New Year's resolutions that you had to throw out because you spilt coffee on it.

It's cold, and let's face it who wants to get up at 6.30am before work to go to the gym?! So, get yourself some home fitness DVDs to do in the warm comfort of your living room; and in your pyjamas if you must.
We at Twinkle Magazine have been trying Debbie Rush (Coronation Street's Anna Windass)'s new exercise DVD 'Bulge Buster Workout'. It's highly effective as you can see from Debbie herself, who went from a size 16 to a size 8 by following the program. The exercises on the DVD are designed by an ex- rugby international so it's a circuit routine that doesn't entertain any slacking! What's great about Debbie's DVD is that it also comes with a two week healthy eating plan; so you really will be losing weight in a sensible way.
Another fitness DVD we've been testing is Ministry of Sound's 'Pump It Up: Body Burn'. We'd say this was aimed at 20-somethings with it's styling and tunes. It's in a dance workout format and it's great fun. Perfect for an all-over body workout.
Part of your New Year fitness regime should also be about good skin, and that means banishing cellulite. Cellulite can come no matter what shape or size you are; but there are steps you can take to tackle it. We love Comfort Zone's Body Strategist cellulite treatments. Their products vary according to the stage of your cellulite; which is great. The range contains ingredients such as caffeine concentrate to help break down fatty deposits; and horse chestnut extract which boosts circulation and is an anti-inflammatory.  The products do burn a little when they're on; but that shows they're working. No pain no gain. We've found it highly effective. To find out more about the range and to purchase visit

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