A Lip Balm Club?...Yes Really

Club Bonbon is founded on the most fantastic idea of sending out members a delicious lip balm every month by post. We say delicious, as the lip balms you get are Bonbon Artisan Lip Balms- all freshly made from natural ingredients, and in varieties that are smell good enough to eat.
The basis for each balm is shea butter and moisturising plant oils for keeping your lips in tip-top condition. They have a pleasant ever-so-slight course texture that is perfect for rubbing your lips together to soften them. They are all individually made with natural oils for authentic scents! Each does have an expiry dates a few months in the future, so use yours regularly so that you can savour the next delivery!
The lip balms come in gorgeous little glass jars with brightly coloured lids designed especially for each flavour by designer Jack Featherstone.
For more information visit www.bonbonbalm.com. Joining Club Bonbon costs £5 per month, and we highly recommend it...yum, yum, yum.

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