Must See: Chalet Girl

Chalet Girl is a fantastically funny and sweet British romantic comedy, reminiscent of the likes of Bridget Jones' Diary.
It stars relative newcomer Felicity Jones in the title role of Kim, a London burger-flipper turned Austrian chalet girl whose job it is to cater to the every whim of the property's rich owners. She is there to make money; but amongst her elite employers and 'posh' ski-enthusiast fellow chalet girls, she feels out of her depth.
 However, the characters soon learn they have more in common that they first thought, and Kim starts to fit right in and develops a real talent for snowboarding. Friends are made, and loves are formed in this delightful feel-good film.
Gossip Girl fans will delight in watching heartthrob Ed Westwick in the role of Jonny, whose father (Bill Nighy) owns the chalet. Kim's fellow chalet girl (and initial rival) Georgie is played by St.Trinian's actress Tamsin Egerton. All of the cast are excellent; but lead Felicity Jone's humour, and Bill Nighy's subtle down-to-earth performance really stand out.
This film is a must-see. Stay to the end for a treat over the end credits.

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