A Relaxing Sleep Guide

A Relaxing Sleep
We all have problems sleeping at times; but it is well proven that herbs such as Lavender help induce sleep and relaxation. 
We have been testing out the beauty industry's sleep products, and have picked out the most relaxing (and gorgeous) ones so you don't have to go out hunting, and can just go to sleep instead!

1. Sranrom Sleep Tight Mist, £18, www.sranrom.com
As well as the traditional Lavender, this authentic Thai product also contains White Champaca and Ylang Ylang; used in Thailand for centuries to relax the mind. It can be sprayed in the room, or on your pillows; but can also be sprayed directly on your skin if you want to use it on your neck or body. It smells divine, and allows you to just melt away...

2. Sranrom Sleep Tight Spot Roller, £8, www.sranrom.com
We also love the Sranrom Sleep Tight Spot Roller. It contains the same ingredients as the mist, and is 100% essential oils. Roll it on your temples or wrist for a relaxing sleep.

3. Gift Box Galore Relaxation Hamper, £27.99, www.giftboxgalore.co.uk
If you want everything you need to unwind and sleep well in one pretty package, get one of Gift Box Galore's Relaxation Hampers. They make perfect presents too! Each hamper contains delightful goodies such as a Lavender essential oil burner and oil, Lavender-scented Linseed silk eye mask, bath bomb, Lavender tea lights, Chocolate incense sticks and much more. Heaven in a box!

4. Espa Soothing Bath Oil, £42, www.espaonline.com
Espa's Soothing Ball Oil is one of the most amazing smells you will ever experience. It makes you instantly relax before you even get in the tub! Pour some of this into the hot water as you are running it, climb in and try not to fall asleep in the bath. The Sandalwood, Rose Geranium and Frankincense will work on relaxing your body; whilst the Myrrh will quieten your mind. It also contains Sweet Almond Milk to give you delightfully soft skin too.

5. Espa Relaxing Salt Scrub, £32, www.espaonline.com
This exfoliating product contains natural sea salts to scrub away dead skin cells, and Sweet Almond Milk to make your skin lovely and soft. It's beautiful Lavender scent will calm your mind whilst Rosemary and Bay will relax your muscles. No more counting sheep!

6. Yankee Candle French Lavender, £16.60, www.scentedcandleshop.com
Part of Yankee Candle's new Summer 2011 collection, this will fill your room with the scent of Lavender; helping your drift off into dream world. It has a glass lid that will keep the scent locked in whilst not in use.

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