Gumigem- Yummy Mummy Practical Style

All yummy mummies out there will know how much your little darlings love to chew on your necklaces. Whilst it's not good for their teeth and creates swallowing hazards; it's also not ideal for your brand new shiny Swarovski jewels.
Mummies meet Gumigem- stylish necklaces that are actually designed for babies to chew. 
These teething necklaces will help your young ones through the painful teething process; but nobody other than you will know it's purpose is anything other than fashion.
They are of course baby safe and made from non-toxic silicone; as well as being soft and kind to growing teeth.
Jo-Anna McGillvary, one of our yummy mummy readers from Newcastle, and son Logan were our guinea pig testers; and they loved it!
Jo-Anna said "Gumigem is fantastic straight out of the fridge for Logan. I finally have a cool necklace that I don't need to about worry if he tries to eat. We were at the supermarket and he got bored so I passed him the Gumigem necklace and tied it to his seat. I got all my shopping done with no tears or tantrums! I'm over the moon with it. It looks coo,l is practical and I have been asked a few times where it is from".
Denise Van Outen and baby Betsy are also fans of the brand. To purchase a Gumigem necklace (£12.50) visit

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