Exclusive Quick Fire Interview: Gemma Pranita

Neighbours lovely, actress Gemma Pranita (aka Jade Mitchell), gives Twinkle Magazine a peak into her style and beauty regime...
How would you describe your style?
I have a very eclectic taste and style when it comes to clothing. How I dress is usually a reflection of my mood. Sometimes i'm in a boho hippy mood; other times I love comfy boyfriend jeans and sneakers when i'm feeling tomboy-ish.

Jade is a character that is passionate about fitness. Do you share that?
I'm learning to. To be honest, I used to do very little exercise. However, whilst researching the role of Jade, I introduced myself to many different types of fitness routines. Now i'm hooked on tennis, and I go to the gym a few times a week.

What are your tips for keeping healthy?
I'm a big believer of 'everything in moderation'. I'm pretty strict with healthy eating Monday to Friday; but when the weekend arrives I allow myself all my favourite indulgences. Particularly ice-cream!

Do you have a specific beauty regime every morning or evening?
I cleanse and moisturize my face every morning; and i'm pedantic about wearing sunscreen everyday. The harsh Australian sun peeled the paint off my car. Imagine what it's doing to my skin!

What are your favourite beauty products?
When it comes to make-up, I love all things Mac. With cleansing and moisturising, I love Neutrogena and Dove Products.

Gemma Pranita

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