Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty Lovers

The perfect gifts for cosmetics junkies...
Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty Lovers

1. Frontcover Gilt Edged, £25,
This gorgeous make-up set contains the high-quality products that Frontcover is known for, with a little gold make-up pouch too. It's also all housed in a vanity case that's perfect for travelling. There are eye dusts, blusher, lip gloss, eye pencils, applicator brushes and much more. Plus, our Editor and actress Laura Pearson-Smith's quote is on the back of the packaging, so it comes personally recommended. She says the set contains "vibrant colour that stays on until the shoes come off".

2. Sleek MakeUP Pout Paints, £4.99,
These fabulous glossy lip pigments have brilliant strong colour, and are designed to be mixed together to create your own unique shade. A little bit goes a long way. We love them, and they are cheap enough to get all 11 shades.

3. Skin Bistro Bath Soaks & Soaps, £Various,
Skin Bistro is a great range of handmade natural skincare products. They've got soaps, scrubs and bath soaks. They look great, smell great and come in beautiful packaging that make's them perfect for gifts. Our favourite is their Home Spa Bath Soaks, and they are a steal at just £4.25

4. JINNYrainbow Body Art Set, £41.50,
Create stunning vibrant and glittery body art for nights out. This 15-piece collection is so pretty, last a long time, and makes a great gift for girls who love to be individual.

5. Biba Zamac Ring, £15,
Combine fashion and beauty with this gorgeous Biba ring that contains a lip gloss. It's iconic Biba logo is eyecatching, and the gloss inside will mean you never have to worry when you need an emergency touch-up. It's got a detachable chain too, so you can use it as a keyring or bag charm.

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