Christmas Gift Guide: Gadget Girls

Perfect gifts for those who loves all things electronic...
Christmas Gift Guide: Gadget Girls

1. Gear4 Angry Bird Speakers, £69.99,
These are incredibly fun and technically brilliant too. They are designed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. These speakers deliver great sound to play music collections out loud; plus they come with a remote control, and the docking station also charges. We love them! Tweet tweet...

2. Asus U36 Ultra Portable Laptop, £699,
It's Asus, so we know it functions brilliantly and has all the best components, but this is also only 19mm thin; making this 13.3 inch screen laptop a joy to handle and cart about.

3. Radiopaq Duo Headphones, £39.99,
These very stylish DJ-style headphones come in a variety of colours, and with their pads they are so comfortable to wear. They deliver great sound, and look amazing.

4. RPM Scotland Morgan Hire, from £220,
Give the gift of a drive around in a stunning Morgan red Plus 4 sports car with RPM Scotland. You can hire it for a day, a weekend, or a week. It's a dream to drive!

5. Kindle, £89,
The new improved Kindle with it's 6 inch screen, Wifi and less than 170 gram weight is the modern way to read books for those who love gadgets. They can store their whole collection on this.


  1. All these gadgets are so tempting! A Christmas would be more than perfect if one would receive any of these gadgets. =)

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