Christmas Gift Guide: Jetsetters

Perfect gifts for women who are never at home!...
Christmas Gift Guide: Jetsetters

1. Mrs White's Legs In The Air, £10,
This amazing potion will keep your legs looking glossy and tinted, and keep your circulation going to stop your legs swelling on the plane. It's carry-on baggage sized too, and has a delightful peppermint smell.

2. Dromoland Castle Gift Vouchers, £Various,
The ultimate in close-by luxury destinations, 5-star Dromoland Castle in County Clare in Ireland is the perfect romantic or girly getaway. Buy a loved-one a weekend here or a treatment in their amazing spa, and they will adore you forever. Read our review of Dromoland here: Dromoland Castle.

3. Lulu Guinness Postcard Florence Tote, £150,
This fabulous bag with an iconic Lulu Guinness postcard print is a perfect large bag to use whilst travelling. It's super stylish too!

4. Bagabook, £24.99,
This is one of the best inventions we have come across in a long time. These attractive bag are designed to house a book so that it can just be opened and read. It's got a little carry handle, and slots for your travel tickets. No more searching for your passport at the airport when you need it, or putting your book away. You could use it for a travel journal too, as it's got a space for a pen.

5. Lulu Guinness Phone Box Phone Holder, £60,
This famous red British telephone box phone holder will remind them to call home. It's so cute, and is big enough for an iPhone or Blackberry.

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