The Must Have Party Season Essential: MYscara

MYscara is a new revolution in semi-permanent mascara, and has been voted one of the best new beauty treatments of 2011.

Only available in salons, it’s an eyelash coating that is completely safe and kind to your eyes. The effect is the same as traditional mascara; but lasts weeks instead of hours. It's perfect for the whirlwind of parties that stretch over Christmas & New Year.
The actual product applied to the lashes is a blend of powdered thickening fibres, rubber toughened cyanoacryalate and an extra black pigment; adding 100% waterproof volume and colour to lashes. You won't get those dreaded Panda eyes when you've drunk too much, or have your false eyelashes fall off when you are trying to flirt at the bar. MYscara is the perfect solution to all these problems!

It is kind to your lashes too, and if you get one coat it simply wears off gently. If you go for a few coats for a much more dramatic look, you can just pop back to the salon to get it removed...and get it re-applied again obviously, as you won't be able to resist :-)
The treatment costs around £45 depending on the salon you get it applied at. A full list of salons can be found online at MYscara.

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