Get Leg Ready For Valentine's Day!

Our lovely Valentine's beauty panel give you the lowdown on getting your legs ready for this special day (and for those beautiful dresses)...
Beauty businesswoman Julie Neville; founder of online health and beauty store Win Naturally, also happens to be wife of footballer Gary Neville- so she's perfectly placed to give advice on looking glamorous.
Actress, and founder and editor of this lovely magazine you are reading, Laura Pearson-Smith is passionate about beauty products and fashion, and has got red carpet-ready for many fabulous events.

Having silky smooth legs are essential says Julie Neville, who think that "it is just as important as wearing make-up and doing my hair". Julie's hair removal method of choice is waxing, and she shares her top waxing tips...

1) "Smoking, drinking alcohol and drinking caffeine makes the body more acidic and the skin more sensitive; therefore I would avoid all these on the day of waxing. Drink plenty of water and herbal tea instead to hydrate the skin".
2) "I ALWAYS do a good body scrub prior to a wax. This gets rid of dead skin cells around the pores and hair follicles; making for an easier (and less painful) exit for the hairs. It can also prevent future ingrown hairs. One of my favourites is our Nature Girl Jasmine Lime Sugar Scrub, which I then follow with the Nature Girl Jasmine Lime Body Butter. These always leave my skin glowing and silky smooth".
3) "NEVER wax sunburnt or irritated skin, cuts, warts or pimples. Not only could it be dangerous, it will also be very painful!"
We at Twinkle HQ love the cuteness of the Nature Girl products at Win Naturally. They would look great on any dressing table. The Nature Girl Jasmine Lime Sugar Scrub is available for £19.99 at The Jasmine Lime Body Butter is also available for £19.99 at
If you are a fan of waxing, you will also love Parissa's waxing strips which are convenient, effective and mess-free. The Parissa Express Leg & Body Wax Strips are available at for just £11.72 for 16 strips.
Laura Pearson-Smith prefers the less painful option of shaving in the bath. She keeps her legs soft and clean with E45's Junior Foaming Bath Milk: "It's simple; but it's one of the best moisturisers i've found. I love the E45 Junior Foaming Bath Milk. It's for children; but we all love a baby's skin don't we! Plus, it's perfume-free & hypoallergenic, and you can be sure that it has been extensively tested!".
Get E45's Junior Foaming Bath Milk for just £4.85 from
Once your legs are fuzz-free, pop on a pair of Laura Pearson-Smith's favourite shapewear collection Lytess to keep your thighs in tip-top condition. "The shaping styles are embedded with micro-encapsulated ingredients which are released during wear. The 'intelligent' designs utilise caffeine; which helps to mobilize fat-  so you lose inches just by wearing your shapewear. The sculpting collection also contains micro-encapsulated shea butter to moisturise and soften your skin too".

Laura's favourite is the Anti Cellulite Shorts, which are available for £45 from Just don't get into any Bridget Jones situations!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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