Swarovski Delights

We at Twinkle Magazine HQ are strategically leaving brochures from Swarovski's new collection for our husbands to catch sight of. Nothing wrong with dropping some Valentine's Day hints!
The Swing, Sing and Shine Spring/Summer 2012 collection is stunning. It's a 60s inspired tribute to vintage style. The muse is an all-American college girl who becomes a musical star, and the themes of 'Sweet Sixties' and 'In The Spotlight' tell this story. It's a very well put-together collection. Each is a covetable piece, and you'll be hard-pushed not to want to collect them all! Pastels and pinks make this a playful and romantic collection that's perfect for Valentine's Day.

Our favourite pieces are the Regency Necklace (£285 available from stores only), and the Rosette Bangle (£125 from swarovski.com).
Swarovski jewellery is available throughout the UK in dedicated Swarovski boutiques, branches of Goldsmith's Jewellers and selected department stores. To find your nearest location, visit the Swarovski Store Locator.

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