The Lazy Blow Dry

by Twinkle Magazine Event Reporter Georgie Barrat.
Last week I headed to Windle & Moodie (an amazing London hairdressers found in the heart of Covent Garden) for a Lazy Blow Dry masterclass with the man himself, Neil Moodie.
The concept of the Lazy Blow Dry is that you can create soft tumbling curls for a  fraction of the time and effort that it takes to blow dry your hair. It took around 15 minutes, and was far quicker and easier than wrestling with a barrel brush and hairdryer. Plus, you can get this look with both long, short, thick and fine hair.
So what does the Lazy Blow Dry consist of? Whilst the name implies that a hairdryer is involved, it is actually an advanced curling tong. Not only does it create amazing, big Cheryl Cole-esque hair, it also smoothes and sleeks as it goes. The revolving irons also mean that there is no need to twist, turn or burn your hair as the curlers themselves do all the fiddly work. After Neil whizzed through most of my hair, he then handed the tongs over to me, and I can officially say that they are simple to use!

Some tops tips when using them:
- It's all about sectioning your hair beforehand. The trick is to use bigger sections than you might think.
- For root lift on the crown, insert the barrel at the top of your head and gently rotate back and forth using the rotation grip. As the curlers have a smooth ceramic barrel, it allows the hair to slide without snagging to create perfect 'blow-dry height'.
- Don't touch your curls until your whole head has cooled down. Then run a brush through them to get that big bounce!

To see for yourself, have a look at the video tutorial from the masters, on Twinkle TV:
The Lazy Blow Dry has certainly earned a place in the Twinkle team's getting ready routine- it's quick, easy and gives great results!
The WAM Revolving Iron (£75) is available at Liberty, the Windle & Moodie salon and online at

Photos: Georgie Barrat and Windle & Moodie

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