Cleo B Reigned Supreme At Lucky One Premiere

The star of the show at last week's UK premiere in London for Zac Efron's new film 'The Lucky One' was not one of the celebrities on the red carpet; but the shoes that 'Made In Chelsea' star Caggie Dunlop had on her feet.

The quirky creations fit perfectly into this season's neon trend and have gold cassette tape heels. Cleo B's Sucker MC range are a head-turner; but completely wearable. We have fallen in love!

Cleo Barbour is a young British footwear designer, and she is nominated this year for a Draper's Footwear & Accessory Award. We can't wait to see what she does next!

The Sucker MC heels are priced at £362, and will be available later this month at Race you to the checkout?

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