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Unique Produce is an independent online design boutique selling ranges from unique and experimental designers across the world. There is small limited number of each product, so it's the perfect place to get something fashionable and different that no-one else has. It's a great place to discover worldwide designers' work that you wouldn't normally stumble across.

Unique Produce is the brainchild of Sara Simeone; whose aim it is to link high quality producers with UK customers who want to buy genuine, traditionally made and unique products.
One of our Event Reporters Rachel Mullins attended their recent exclusive private showcase in London to bring you an insight into some of the products on offer. She was impressed by the quality of the produce, and by the knowledge of, and interest in, the various ever-changing producers whose work they stock.

The range of jewellery that Unique Produce stocks is now on her wish list! Swiss designer Contessa Rosafosca creates a range of pieces made from genuine Murano glass. Her designs are slick and modern, and average £150 in price.
British designer Daniel Gallie uses a combination of silver and gold with precious stones to create sculpted shapes. Prices for his necklaces range from £140 to £355.
Italian designer Laura Volpi creates stunning pieces of jewellery made from sections of paintings on plexiglass. Each item is unique in its images and pattern, so they really are one-of-a-kind pieces. Our favourite here at Twinkle HQ is her Red Vertical Bracelet priced at just £55.
German design company Boudouboudou designs a cute range of jigsaw puzzle rings for the absolute bargain price of £2. These quirky rings will definitely get you noticed.
Unique Produce also stocks a beautiful range of handbags from Italian designer Revi di Valentina Giorgi that almost look to exquisite to use. The bags use the finest materials that Italy has to offer. We love the Josephine bag in emerald green; which is priced at £160.
The designers are constantly changing, so if you like something you had better get in there quick as sometimes only a few of each item is available!

Photographs by Unique Produce & Rachel Mullins (2012)

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