Film and Fashion With Disney Pixar's BRAVE

Twinkle Magazine spent a weekend with Disney and Pixar earlier this month, and got a preview of their new feature film 'Brave'.
Set in Scotland, 'Brave' tells the story of Princess Merida (Kelly MacDonald) whose parents want to arrange a marriage for her with one of Scotland's clan chief's sons. Merida is headstrong, and despite coaching from a young age from her mother Queen Elinor (Emma Thomson) in princess ettiquette, she wants to be in charge of her own destiny and prefers to follow the boyish behaviour of her father King Fergus (Billy Connelly) and her three triplet brothers.
'Brave' follows Merida as she attempts to avoid the match and make her parents see sense, and then the subsequent disaster than ensues. 'Brave' is a comedic film that is also touch Ting and thought provoking; causing viewers to appreciate the value of family and the importance of compromise.

Scotland plays a major part in the film. Pixar did extensive research into Scotland's landscape in order to be authentic, and having several Scottish actors as the film's main characters meant that the American writers had native dialogue experts on hand to make the film as realistic, humorous and touching as possible; and as a result, many phrases in Scottish slang were added to the script by the cast.

'Brave' is released in the USA on 22nd June, and excitement is heating up in the UK for its release here on 17th August. In the meantime, you can get yourself ready for the film, and immerse yourself in 'Brave' fever with these Scottish and 'Brave' inspired fashion ideas.
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