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Destination Skin is a chain of national clinics in the UK specialising in non-invasive skin treatments such as anti-aging treatments, permanent hair reduction and treatments perfecting skin and tackling skin concerns.

Whilst it is referred to as a clinic, by no means presume it has a hospital environment. It provides very much a relaxing spa experience; but with experienced doctors, nurses and practitioners bringing highly-regarded Harley Street treatments to the high-street.

Destination Skin provides a bespoke and private service to clients with a wide range of treatments, including Laser Hair Removal and a selection of skin peels tackling sun damage, aging skin, skin redness and acne amongst many other concerns. Destination Skin also has a range of body enhancement treatments such as Laser Cellulite Reduction, Microdermabrasion and fillers. There is something for everyone!

Our Editor Laura Pearson-Smith went to Destination Skin in Glasgow for an Agera Vitamin-C Skin Peel (£77). We all thought she'd come back with a bright red face; but this one is very gentle and perfect for those who want to dip their toe into facial peels. It's an entry-level peel that greatly improves the tone and the texture of your skin.

Laura says "When I entered the treatment room, the practitioner asked me to sit down with her so she could have a chat about what I feel about my skin's condition and to find out what products I use on it. It was great that she was really taking an interest in my skin and trying to personalise the treatment to my needs.

My face was then assessed under a light-box so that the practitioner could see what the skin was like just under the surface. We discovered, much to my surprise, that my skin had quite a bit of sun damage pigmentation. This is something that could never be known by just using the naked eye. Cue daily SPF applications for me! It was then time for the treatment to begin. My skin was firstly prepared for the peel by having a thorough cleanse. The vitamin-C aspect of the peel comes from the orange extract used. The cleansing lotion from Agera smells delightfully of oranges and left my skin feeling fresh and revitalised. Now it was time for the peel itself to be applied. I had heard horror stories about how hot and painful peels were; but as this one doesn't contain the strong acid that the more advanced peels do, I felt no more than a slight tingling sensation. The practitioner explained each step of the procedure to put me at ease, and was always aware of how I felt by asking me to rate the uncomfortability on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst. I said 2 throughout the whole procedure. I wanted to say 1 but feared they might think I was making that up! Once the peel was applied, strips of cooling damp gauze were laid on top to activate it. Three layers of peel were applied before the practitioner finished off with DermaQuest's Daily Anti-Oxident Serum to re-hydrate my skin and prevent any damage when I left the clinic and went back out into the pollution of the city.

Now, I must say, the smell of the peel was extremely strong and quite unpleasant; but the non-pain factor and my fresh and glowing skin immediately afterwards more than made up for that bit of nasal torture"

The Agera Vitamin-C Peel has proven anti-oxident and anti-inflamatory effects, and it works best if you take a course of the treatment. One treatment is perfect for giving you bright and even skin for a weekend away or a night out; but if you want longer lasting effects you should book yourself in for a course of the peel.
Destination Skin have kindly offered our readers a substantial discount for treatments for the next month. They are offering a 30% discount on treatments and procedures (excluding teeth-whitening, permanent make-up and injectables). The offer expires on 20th July, so get in there quick!

There are Destination Skin clinics across the country. For more information, and to find the nearest one to you, visit

Reader Offer Terms & Conditions:

1) Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

2) Offer expires on 20th July 2012.

3) Must quote 'Twinkle Magazine' to receive the offer.

4) The offer only applies to single treatments.

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