Audrey Tautou Style Retrospective

With the recent DVD release of Audrey Tautou's latest film 'Delicacy', we thought we'd look back through her quintessentially French style moments.
Audrey Tautou plays a grieve stricken widow fighting for her second chance at love in the emotional, moving French film 'Delicacy', but she was not always dressed in muted browns and wearing a scowl across her face. From adorable 'Amelie' to sophisticated 'Coco Before Chanel', Audrey Tautou has set the stage for modern, chic style and shows no signs of losing her edge.
A shaggy pixie cut and angelic features in 'Amelie' introduced us to the iconic fashion model. Through scarlet pursed lips, her smile confirmed Audrey had a mischievous side we were only beginning to witness.
Wandering from her childish style in 'Amelie', Audrey sophisticates her wardrobe with tailored, yet feminine colour hues, and perfectly braided locks. With the elegance and grace of her 20’s style in 'A Very Long Engagement', Audrey only shadows the transformation to come.
Sex appeal drips off Audrey’s fingertips, as she playfully seduces the camera in 'Priceless'. Her dramatic plunging neckline and messy up-do show off her slender build, while the mischievous grin reappears from her earlier years.
Departing drastically from her previous films, Audrey tosses on her cotton cardigan to play a more solemn role in 'The Da Vinci Code'. Lengthening her glossy tresses, she illustrated women can be dominant and elegant at the same time.
Channelling her chic elegance in 'Coco Before Chanel', Audrey poses in her iconic garb proving black and white are forever the classic colours of fashion. Loose, pin up curls and a beautiful strand of pearls supply the perfect addition to her proper, trimmed suit.

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