Spa Treatments: Angel Loving Care, Broxburn

As soon as you enter Angel Loving Care in Broxburn (just outside Edinburgh) and meet owner Debbie King, you will realise there is no secret as to why she was voted Masseuse of The Year at last month's Scottish Hair & Beauty Awards; and Beauty Salon of The Year the year previously.

The salon is small and tranquil; with crystals and angels adorning the reception area. Debbie begins by talking about how you are feeling and what you would like to achieve from the treatments today. Twinkle were extremely stressed, and our shoulders were nearly at our ears, so we wanted something relaxing but that would also leave us invigorated for a day of meetings and fashion launches ahead.
Debbie works intuitively with each client, so will mix and match oils depending on what she senses her clients need. For us she used Lavender, Eucalyptus and a hint of Black Pepper for our aromatherapy Ultimate Stress Buster Massage (£53; but just £45 if you quote 'TWINKLE') which works on your back, shoulders, neck, arms, head, scalp and face. It was heaven, and we felt thoroughly relaxed from Debbie's considered and focussed touch. She puts everything she has into each and every massage, and you can feel it. It's a no hands massage, so Debbie uses her forearms and body weight to send her clients into deep relaxation.
Next we experienced one of Angel Loving Care's more exclusive treatments- the Beauty Lab Black Diamond Facial (£125; but just £99 if you quote 'TWINKLE'). A resident treatment at Harrods, Angel Loving Care is the only place able to offer it in Scotland and one of the very few salons out-with Harrods providing it in the UK; as it requires an oxygen machine that has a pulsating function.
This treatment uses products containing crushed diamonds and other exotic ingredients such as gold and rubies. The skin is plumped and smoothed, and wrinkles are reduced, by having layers of products applied and then activated and enhanced using an OXYjet machine which delivers Oxygen to where it is needed the most- the epidermis layer where new skin grows. The next morning you really notice the difference; but you feel it immediately.

A visit to Angel Loving Care is a must- to experience their unique treatments, and Scotland's best masseuse!
For more information and contact details, please visit their website at Angel Loving Care.

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