Christmas Party Dresses

It's nearly time for the usual round of office parties, neighbour's parties, aerobics club parties. It's social season, and can be a source of outfit dilemmas if you have multiple events to attend. We've picked our favourite versatile dress that can be altered with shrugs, belts and accessories to create a new look each time.

It's Party Time!

Kimberley Dress, £75,
Baroque Embellished Jacket, £95, www.missselfridge,

Kimberley Dress, £75,
Ann Harvey Red Beaded Wrap, £38,
Neon Multirow, £31,
Gold Beaded Belt, £16,
East Beaded Vintage Corsage, £10,

Kimberley Dress, £75,
Track Drape Necklace, £20,
Cross Chain Belt, £14.99,

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