Candles For Christmas

When you're wrapping the presents...
Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie, £16.99,
This candle completely evokes the holiday spirit, and creates a heavenly buttery sweet baking scent to spur you on through the wrapping of gifts with hope of a reward at the end.

When you're trying to sleep on Christmas Eve...

Spitalfields Candles Lavender & Chamomile, £25 (Large) & £9.99 (Small),
This 100% natural, and handmade candle contains two of the most calming aromas around- Lavender and Chamomile. It will calm you and help you drift off to sleep whilst reading your favourite novel. However, make sure there is someone awake in the room to put out the candle flame, or that you do it yourself before putting down your book!

When the kids have you up at 5am...

Espa Energising Candle, £21,
This candle from luxury spa brand Espa will stimulate your senses into action, and invigorate you for the morning ahead with its refreshing peppermint, revitalising eucalyptus and the buzz of lime. You'll be able to cope with anything!

When you're opening your presents...

Paddywax Woodland Candle, £10.99,
Everyone loves opening presents by the tree, and if you don't have a real one this year, you'll want this candle. It gives off the exact aroma of Christmas trees with it's fir, mistletoe and fresh mint oils; and will put the whole family in a festive mood.

When the Dalek you thought was a good idea is giving you a headache...

NV Lavender & Sage Silk Candle, £8.95,
This is the perfect antedote- sage contains headache-relieving chemical compounds and encourages blood flow; whilst lavender calms and relieves tension. You'll start to find the noise quite pleasant in no time.

When sitting down to Christmas dinner...

Penhaligons Malabah Classic Candle, £32,
Reminiscent of a rich and decadent feast, Penhaligon's Malabah candle contains delicious aromas of citrus, spices and rose. The perfect candle for entertaining guests.

When you're preparing dessert...

Heyland & Whittle 
Vanilla, Coconut & Black Pepper, £22,
This lightly fragranced candle is perfect for the kitchen. It's relaxing and has the pleasant culinary aromas of vanilla, coconut and black pepper.

When you've had too much after-dinner conversation with your Mother-In-Law...

The White Company, Seychelle Signature Candle, £20,
This candle from The White Company will help your imagination drift off to far-away shores with its exotic coconut, citrus and amber scent.

To reflect on the day...

Aroma Works Soulful Candle, £30,
This candle is perfect to unwind at the end of a hard day. It has a spiritual aroma of Juniper berry and Frankincense, that will encourage you to reflect, wind down and relax.

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