The Best Shapewear

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Shapewear is a God-send. We all look better in a dress or jeans with some figure sucking-in and re-arranging shapewear, and we're sharing our favourites with you...

JML Belvia Shapewear Bodysuit, £19.99, JML Direct
This is the perfect shapewear for making it seem you aren't wearing any body support at all. The ability to wear your own bra unobscured means you can have dresses with low necklines, and it also avoids any unsightly bulges at your back or under your arms which some shapewear causes when it goes all the way up to cover your chest. The pant-line also avoids any thigh bulges that some suits with shorts cause; so you can have your skirts as short as you want them, knowing that your bottom is nicely sucked in.

Fit Britches Skinny Shorts, £49.99, Fit Britches
These are the wonder shorts that do a lot more than just smooth out lumps and bumps to the naked eye. They are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite,improve skin elasticity and drop inches if you wear these for 8 hours per day for 60 days. How? I hear you ask.Well, the material itself uses intelligent technology in its fibres. They emit a small amount of heat when touching the skin, and as such, improves metabolism, blood flow and the lymphatic drainage system. Technology aside, we wore ours for the recommended two months, and whilst we didn't measure ourselves before or afterwards, our skin was a lot healthier, firmer and less bumpy. You feel good when you are wearing them too; plus, the high waist that sits just under the bra line, stops any bulges from just spilling out at your stomach. They also don't roll down which is a bug-bear with many a shapewear garment.

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