The Style Word: 5 Minutes With Georgi B Nails

We sat down with Georgi B Nails during a gel nail polish application (which lasted an impressive 13 days without any chips) to find out what she thinks about current and future nail trends...

What are your favourite Summer nail trends?
My favourite nail trends for summer would have to be nail wraps and the bright colours available. They are so bold and striking. NSI have a good range in their permanent polish collection and China Glaze's new sand texture nails are really nice too. Nail wraps are great because there is so much choice and they are easy to apply.

What are your nail trend predictions for A/W13?
I imagine people will drop to cooler colours in the winter months, I see the matte look taking off too and nail art will remain huge.

What new nail innovations are you loving?
There have been plenty of nail innovations come onto the market recently. Nail wraps have certainly taken the industry by storm and nail art is huge at the moment as it's a way of brightening up your look without a huge expense! I recently saw a new style of nail shape come from Italy but it makes the nail look like piano keys and I can't imagine my clients would be game for that. Other than that, Alessandro International released a nail polish that was scented with ice cream flavours! It hasn't been released in the UK but I want to try it.

What products do you enjoy using?
I use NSI mainly and Spa Ritual. Spa Ritual are 100% vegan friendly and I am a huge supporter of that ethic. I had no idea that in some shimmers and glitters, fish scales are used and I feel proud to be
able to use a product that has found synthetic ways to produce the same effect. Their creams are so luxurious and spa-like too. I also use NSI because I trained with them and I tend to stick to what I know. I like the product and I enjoy using something special on clients as it makes them feel good, which is what it is all about.

What are your tips for someone wanting to start out as a nail technician?
My main tips would be to be prepared to practise lots and work hard! I have been at this nearly two years and I am still building a business, it is hard to juggle with a full time job because you need to pay your bills but also build a client base and that is the hardest thing. I am so overly critical of my work and I thought it was a bad thing but my customers actually enjoy it because I spend a little bit extra time making their nails perfect and they enjoy that extra attention.

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Photograph Copyright: Georgi B Nails

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