Celeb Style: Being Chic and Fashionable

Shoes, bags and jewellery are some of the most common accessories people think of when looking for items to accessorise and match an outfit. However, the latest trends in fashion also give importance to what people wear for their eyes. Sunglasses are not only trendy during the summer season, but celebrities wear them as part of their overall fashion statement anywhere they go. Fashion trends are also now catching up in terms of stylish eyewear; with popular and leading fashion houses and brands now designing fashionable quality sunglasses for celebrities and everyone who are into fashion.
Prominent names like Celine, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, and Dolce & Gabbana are now setting the fashion style when it comes to accessories- from bags to eyeglass frames. When it comes to shoes, Christian Louboutin is definitely a powerhouse; selling more than half a million pairs every year.

Image Copyright: Yaakov Winograd

Yaakov Winograd is the CEO of GlassesSpot.com, a premier provider of quality eyewear.

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  1. Surprised Victoria Beckham was not in the fashion brand listing.