Fashion Butterflies

You can’t help but have noticed that butterflies are everywhere at the moment. Take a stroll through any fashion clothes store and you’ll see a plethora of butterfly print tops made from chiffon and other floaty fabrics, butterfly print t-shirts and even butterfly jewellery. Butterflies are one of those eternally popular motifs which will never really go out of fashion, but as with everything, the key to incorporating butterflies into your home and wardrobe is that less is more.


Hollywood stars led the butterfly trend when they were spotted in butterfly print dresses on the red carpet, and Les Miserables star Anne Hathaway even attended an awards ceremony with butterfly art on her nails. Lots of high street stores were quick to pick up on this trend and most now have tops and dresses with a butterfly motif. An easy choice is to opt for a plain dress with butterflies in a single colour, such as a navy dress printed with white butterflies. If you’re feeling bolder about your fashion choices, then go for an item printed with multi-coloured butterflies instead.


There are all sorts of jewellery items featuring butterflies on the market, to suit every budget. Don’t go overboard with the look though, so if you have chosen a butterfly print dress for a special occasion it’s probably best not to wear them around your neck or wrist too. Pretty butterfly earrings are always a great choice and if they are small enough they can be worn for both work and leisure time. Big and bold butterfly rings make a great impact when worn with a plain shirt and a pair of jeans, and butterfly hairclips and slides are eternally popular.

Home furnishings

Where fashion leads, home furnishings often follow so it’s no great surprise that there are lots of butterflies everywhere you look for cushions, curtains and bed linen. Remember the “less is more” mantra and keep it simple when injecting some butterflies into your home. Feature walls, where only one wall in the room is papered with wallpaper, have gone out of fashion slightly, but are still a good way of displaying some lovely butterfly wallpaper which would be too overwhelming if used on every wall in the house. Bear in mind too that butterflies might be very dated in just a few months’ time, so don’t invest in anything too pricey.


There are some very pretty accessories featuring butterflies, such as the Sophie Allport china range which has a pretty butterfly motif on a background of cream. The overall effect is subtle when you use Sophie Allport china, but if you want a bolder effect then you can choose from neon butterflies, butterfly bunting or even butterfly stickers which you can use to decorate everything from glass doors to kitchen cabinets. Most home furnishing stores have little butterfly ornaments currently, and these are a great choice as either an impulse buy as a treat for yourself or for a bang on trend housewarming gift for a friend.

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