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Bracelets are versatile and add a touch of elegance or style to any outfit.  If you want to treat yourself or a loved one to a really special gift then take a look at the range of bracelets by Links of London, the well-known and much loved and admired designer jewellers’ shop.  Giving or receiving a bracelet in one of their boxes certainly carries the message that the bracelet has been made by a master craftsman and will last a lifetime.  It also says that this is no cheap piece of costume jewellery, and the wearer should take good care of it accordingly!
Links of London designs a wide range of styles of bracelets, perhaps the most famous of which are their unique friendship bracelets, and their charm bracelets.  If you are thinking of buying either of these types of bracelets for yourself or someone special then consider the following factors.


The friendship bracelets by Links of London are all made from silver (or gold) bars that are woven together with various colours of thread.  Think first of all about whether you (or the recipient if it is going to be a gift) mostly wears silver or gold, and choose the base metal accordingly.  Then think about your (or their) favourite colours, or what sort of colours you (or they) normally wear and choose the perfect bracelet.
The charm bracelets by Links of London are again all made from either silver or gold.  This choice is rather more important than it is for the friendship bracelet, since on the friendship bracelet the most dominant feature is the colour of the woven thread.  With a charm bracelet remember that whatever material you choose for the bracelet you are going to need to buy charms made from the same metal. 
Make sure when buying your charm bracelet that it is lightweight because over time the charms will add weight to it.  If your aim is to ultimately have a jangly charm bracelet full of charms, look for bracelets that have double links so that you have more room to add more charms.

How to Wear

If you already own a friendship bracelet or have other bracelets that you routinely wear, the friendship bracelets by Links of London are all easy to combine and coordinate with other wrist wear.  Wear it on the opposite wrist to the wrist on which you wear your watch, but feel free to wear it alongside other bracelets. 
When buying a charm bracelet the key accessories you will need to think about are the charms themselves.  At first you might only have one charm (which, ideally, you should place opposite the clasp) but over time you will add more.  Try to space them evenly so that their weight is distributed across the entire bracelet, and make sure that you have them professionally soldered on so that they do not fall off if they get snagged on something.


Consider fitting a safety chain to your charm bracelet so that it is extra secure.  A friendship bracelet by Links of London comes with a toggle so that you can take your bracelet on and off if you choose.  

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