Kate's Dress Sells Out After Release Of Royal Baby Photographs

It's no secret that celebrities influence what we buy. Whether it's Brad Pitt sipping a certain brand of soft drink, or, in this case, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge wearing a specific designer's dress, sales of items used by a celebrity sky rocket immediately. The UK is seeing a surge in celebrity-influenced sales as Kate and her family are setting trends in clothing, accessories and more. Kate is known for her elegant looks. She knows how to choose outfits that suit her. Before her pregnancy,she was spotted in high street outfits that then sold out within hours. The same has happened this time with the stunning purple maternity dress in the official royal baby pictures.

Within hours of the royal family's portrait photo being released to the public, the dress Kate wore for the photograph became a hot commodity with women everywhere. The blossom knot front lavender dress sold by the British company Seraphine sold out online and in all stores that carried the dress. There is now a waiting list running well into next month to sport this stylish look. Seraphine now advertises the dresses on their website “as worn by the Duchess of Cambridge” and has seen a 100 percent sales spike as a result of the celebrity publicity.

The Royal Birth Merchandise Bonanza

The trend of wanting to buy what Kate and her family buys is strong and growing. Known as the Royal Birth Merchandise Bonanza, it doesn't stop at dresses. Earlier this year, Prince George was photographed leaving the hospital with their baby in a swaddled blanket from Brooklyn designer aden + anais. Almost immediately after that photo was released, the aden + anais website crashed from an overload of visitors who wanted to become their customers too.

The Merits of the Merchandize Bonanza

Being on the consumer end of this bonanza can be frustrating as you have to get your order in before the items are sold out. However, being on the sales end of this means huge profits, tons of publicity and advertising perks and a boost to the reputation and notoriety of your business and products. 

What Will Kate Wear Next?

Only time will tell what the next item boosted in sales by the royal family will be- some diamond jewellery perhaps? Kate loves fun but classic styles with bright colors and classy, refined designs. It would be no surprise if she's soon spotted wearing a classic colored diamond.

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