The Cost Of A Modern-Day Cinderella Wedding

Remember lying in bed and waiting for you parents to come to your room to read you a story. One of the all-time favourite bed time stories must be the one about Cinderella and her Prince Charming. Cinderella that had do all the hard housework until the night she left for the ball in the palace and met her Prince.

Most little girls dream of marrying Prince Charming, and when they grow up and find him, they dream of planning their own little fairy tale wedding like Prince Charming and Cinderella did. But how much would the couple have to spend to organise a modern-day Cinderella Wedding? The glass shoes, the pumpkin carriage, the horses and all the other little necessities to recreate one of the most magical weddings from the fairytales.

Find all the costs and some interesting facts about real-life weddings in this adorable infographic.

Irma just loves everything about weddings and likes to share her passion for weddings with other people.  For this project she had the opportunity to collaborate with Personalised Gifts Shop  to create this delightful infographic.

Top Image photo credit: tiffany yelitza via photopin cc

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