A/W13: How To Look After Your Leather Garments

Lanvin A/W13
Leather features heavily in A/W13 collections and high street offerings. A quality leather garment is a big purchase, and they're often expensive. For the price, we expect them to last a lifetime. However, often we treat them like a cheap coat or a pair of jeans and don't look after them at all. Big mistake. If you're thinking about adding leather to your wardrobe then make sure you know how to look after it first or it won't last two years, let alone two decades. In many ways, your leather is still alive and needs to be treated as such.

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Prepare For Wear
Before you even put on your leathers, you need to prepare them; especially if you want them to last. Check the label to make sure you're putting the right stuff on, as there are different products for different types of leather. Start by applying a stain protector; allowing you to wipe off any spills before they sink in and cause permanent damage. You're best off avoiding heavy rain whilst wearing any important items; but in the case of light showers remember to wipe off any residue or salty deposits.

Give It A Treat
Importantly, leather needs to be maintained on a regular basis to keep it supple. To this end, avoid heavy or greasy products containting alcohol and stick to light creams. Work creams regularly in to the jacket for the best effect; also rubbing it in when the garment gets wet to stop it from drying out completely. Leather wipes are also available which clean and moisturise leather at the same time. For a jacket, keep it on a padded hanger to retain its shape, otherwise it will start to sag and lose shoulder definition. 

Prada A/W13
Don't Abuse Your Shoes
Leather shoes also need regular attention to ensure that they stay shiny and tough. Use a quality wax polish, gently rubbing in small circles in to the leather. This ensures even coverage of the wax and a shinier finish. Make sure your shoes are completely dry before applying any product- this can sometimes take up to a whole day if they have been soaking wet. Also, avoid using any liquid polish applicators on your leather shoes as this can damage them.
Nubuck and suede can be sprayed with a suede protector spray, whilst using a rubber suede brush can help in removing stains. For tougher marks and scuffs, use the brush in combination with some steam. There are also suede shampoos available for big stains as a last resort. 

Other Items Such As Bags & Wallets
As with other items of leather, wearing them in a heavy downpour can cause heavy damage.  If it does occur, drying it out naturally is the best option. Heavily dyed items also have a chance of rubbing off on other items of clothing and furniture; so be careful with things like bags and wallets.

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