Dinner With A Twist: Five Unusual London Restaurants

Exploring London can be hard work, so it's worth taking the opporunity to relax and treat yourself to a meal out. However, with thousands of restaurants to choose from, you should never settle for anything less than the extraordinary. Fancy something a little special? Here are five places in London where the food is just part of the package. We've chosen restaurants in different parts of town for your convenience.

Supperclub, Notting Hill
You know breakfast in bed? Well, this is dinner in bed. Take your shoes off, lie back on an oversized white bed, and enjoy the atmosphere of a restaurant so cool you’ll have to check for frostbite on the way out. Originally started in Amsterdam, Supperclub has become a successful global franchise, with entertainment, music and general craziness to go with the food. Probably not a good one for those who always like to know what’s going to happen next, though…

The Wapping Project, Wapping
Who hasn’t looked around their dining room and thought, ‘I wish this place looked more like a hydraulic power station’? Perhaps not, but sometimes all it takes is some creative minds to turn a bonkers idea into something utterly brilliant. That’s exactly what has happened at Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, where industry, dining and art installations come together in this striking and unique restaurant.

Archipelago, West End
Not again! You fancy a bit of wildebeest for dinner, but once more the supermarkets are all out. Well, you’ll just have to take yourself down to Archipelago, where the kangaroo and crocodile are low in fat and the locusts are covered in chilli and garlic. Archipelago is all about widening your cultural palate. Given their striking interior, decorated with artefacts from around the world, that goal is achieved before you’ve even sat down. There are scorpions for dessert and even mealworm faux caviar. But don’t worry, all the really unusual things are optional side dishes, so if you’re not feeling brave, you can stick to the typical, middle of the road crocodile main.

Inamo, Soho
The future of restaurants is here! Dining couldn’t get any more technological than at Inamo, where your table is a touchscreen ordering system, the kitchen receives your order the instant you send it and you can watch the chefs preparing your dish on Chef Cam. From ordering food to requesting your bill, every aspect of Inamo is designed to be the utmost in high-tech and will have you feeling like it’s 2050. Trust us, you’ll be trying to order a hover cab for your journey home.

Dans le Noir, Clerkenwell
It’s tempting to describe this place as an eye-opener, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Dans le Noir robs you of your sight (in a nice way) in order to open up your other senses. You will be eating in pitch black and served by blind waiters. The experience of being unable to see will sharpen your other senses, allowing you to experience food in a truly unique way. It might be a bit daunting at first, but what an experience!

The next time you are in London and feeling a bit peckish, make sure you give one of these off-beat places a try. They show us that there's so much more to dining than just great food – although these restaurants don’t skimp on that either. Give yourself some food for thought. Foodies exploring London should also check out HotelClub.com to compare over 600 London hotels.

Photo Credits: Named Restaurants

Matt is a travel blogger based in London and has previously written for the likes of The Huffington Post, Cool Places and Driftwood Journals.

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