New York Nightlife: The Top Five Clubs

Getting ready to party in NYC? Not sure where to go? Join the club. The problem with New York City is that there are an overwhelming amount of choices of night clubs to go to. Even the most seasoned New Yorkers get sick of making decisions about where to go out on Friday night all the time. In a city with a population of 8 million, where do you even begin? The following are some of the best of the best stops to make in NYC when it comes to clubbing. All of these clubs are the best for very different reasons so pay attention to details. Otherwise, you may find yourself covered in glitter and dancing to Miley Cyrus next to the hottest queen in Queens!

New York City Nightlife

This club’s roof opens up to let fresh air in on warm days. Despite this astounding feature, Output is not for everyone. It has one of the best sound systems in the whole city, so it is an experience for people who truly love the sound of electro club music. The problem with the high quality music is that it attracts some drug users that tend to follow this type of scene. A great stop if you are open minded, don’t mind a large cover charge and want to experience DJ-ing at its best.

Naked Lunch
Some of you may recognise the name of this club from William S. Burrough's novel; but don’t worry, there are no drug users hanging out here. Instead, there is a fun crowd that likes to dance to hits of the 80s and 90s. Try out the fiery margarita or the pork slap beer from the friendly bartenders. Frequently, the eccentric and outgoing bar owner is slinging drinks on busy nights; so you can expect to the staff to be friendly and attentive.

This club only lets people over 23 in; which is perfect for some of us who don’t like the idea of partying with people who are a little too young. This is a Greek night club with all of the energy of a Greek crowd.  It also plays Greek music with a mix of top-40 tracks. It is a small and smoky space, but with a lot of energy from its predominantly Greek-American crowd. Experience the melting pot of New York with a stop at this night club.

Bossa Nova Civic Club
This is a club for people who love to dance. Created by a former rave promoter who wanted to create a club accessible to people who actually wanted to dance while they were at a club. It has a tacky tropical themed bar; but the d├ęcor doesn’t take away from the reasonably priced drinks (well, at least reasonably priced for New York). Also, no cover charge for those who already feel the pinch of New York prices on their wallet.

This is the one gay nightclub on our list, but it is definitely one of the best in New York. It offers a large roof top to get away from the crowds and have a smoking break. Filled with a 50/50 female to male ratio, you can expect the crowd to be filled with a bit of the flamboyant crowd. This means fun, touchy-feely and happy crowds dancing to pop tunes spinned skillfully by one of the best DJS in the city. It is just a cheap five dollar cover to get in; but once you are in, the drinks can be a bit steep. On the weekends this club can get a little too crowded; so if you mind crowds, Sugarland is not for you.

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Holly Williford is a dancer turned writer. What better topic to write about than where to dance? Between writing travel articles, she plans her own trips.

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