How To Grow Your Hair

Having a pixie haircut can make you look fabulous and daring depending on the way the cut is styled. However, growing out the adorable pixie cut can be quite challenging; especially since growing hair healthily and attractively takes a lot of time and patience.

Tips During The Awkward Stages

3 – 6 months

During these months when the hair is no longer being trimmed, the sides of the hair will begin to fluff out similar to the fluffy ears of a cute puppy. These are the months when one should keep checking on the volume of the hair. According to Rodney Cutler, Emma Watson’s hair stylist, he advised to smooth the strands back to a wet look using a mix of shine serum and straightening lotion.

HINT: For faster hair growth, one should massage the scalp when shampooing. Massages can help in increasing the blood flow in certain parts of the body. Therefore, scalp massage will help in enhancing the flow of blood towards the scalp which will promote faster hair growth. Increasing the blood flow to the scalp will increase the nourishment of the hair follicles, which will hasten growth.

6 – 9 months

According to Cutler, this is the period when the hair at the back reaches below the chin. Therefore, he suggested that one should snip the longest hair strands at the back to create a bob look. Although, be sure not to snip too much at the front before the six-month point. Using a layer cut will delay the growing out process of the hair. Cutler also said, “Use hair color to add dimension.”

HINT: Another great way to increase the flow of blood to the hair follicles is to brush the hair. Similar to the hint above, the optimized blood flow can improve the health of the growing hair.

9 – 10 months

Uneven and awkward hair lengths can be hidden by using short wisps and kirby grips to secure the hair which was gathered into a knot. Leave some loose hair strands to give off an undone and sexy look. Cutler advised that people should be playful when it comes to styling their hair. He said, “If your hair doesn’t look good, you’re more likely to chop it off.”

HINT: Use a headband to keep the hair away from the face and at the same time, make a style statement.
10 – 12 months

Once the hair reaches the collarbone, then it’s a signal that the person has reached the ponytail stage. To prevent the length of the hairstyle from becoming too boxy, Cutler recommended the addition of a fringe to provide more shape to the long style.

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