Holiday Season Fashion Tips

Looking for a chic holiday style sure to attract attention? If so, consider the following fashion tips that are sure to glam up your outfit...

Prints and Patterns
The print craze started this Autumn with bold camouflage and animal prints. The camouflage attire popularized on this season’s runways are more high-class and fashionable than previous creations, and can be found everywhere from shirts to dresses to coats. Likewise, animal prints are providing a fun and playful look this winter, with everything from leopard, zebra, snake and tiger available. If you’re not quite ready to branch out into such bold styles yet, consider a camouflage bag or cute animal print pumps instead. These accessories will provide a playful addition to your wardrobe without making you go all-out jungle chic.

Sheer Tights
Gone are the days when opaque tights ruled. These days, see-through (or sheer) tights are in—thanks in large part to fashion trendsetter Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge has been credited with helping sheer tights surge in popularity, and she doesn’t limit the look to just tan or black. The Duchess routinely wears colored tights to match whatever dress or coat she is wearing. The result is a classy yet natural result that can be paired with dresses, heels, or boots to create a trendy outfit.

Black Ankle Boots
Now that the cold weather prevents us from wearing flats and ballet slippers, it’s time to pull out the boots! Classic pairs of black and brown boots are still a great trend. But if you want something endlessly versatile and cute, invest in a pair of short black ankle boots. You can wear them with anything- jeans and a sweater, or with a dress and tights for a day in the office. They are guaranteed to keep you both fashionable and warm, so be sure to invest in a pair.

Little Dresses
The holidays provide plenty of opportunities to wear cute party dresses, so be sure to stock up on some fashionable options- from revamps of little black dresses to cute casual knit dresses that are sure to earn you some compliments at the office.

Faux Fur and Feathers
This Autumn trend is carrying on into the holiday season. In addition to the usual hats and gloves, you can also find faux fur and feathers in unexpected places such as earrings, bracelets, and clutches. So be sure to add a little extra plumage to your normal look.

Last year’s fashion trend—burgundy—has gained steam this year. In addition to the traditional color, variations of chocolate, plum, or dark red are also popular holiday options. So instead of trying to be pretty in pink, remember that burgundy is this winter’s 'it' color. This is one fashion trend you'll want to keep up with.

It’s always fun to add a little extra sparkle to your look. Thankfully, glitters and embellishments are a big trend this year. Try a shimmery dress, jewel-studded shoes, or bold statement jewellery.

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