Luxury Hotel Options In Australia

We focus a great deal on luxury travel throughout the UK. To be sure, there are dozens of absolutely breathtaking locations to visit, because the country itself is full of wonderful destinations. The high-end hotels and accommodations seem almost too good to be true in some cases. And in the UK, most travellers tend to expect a certain level of luxury on their trips. In this feature, we're going to look instead at a few incredible hotel options in a travel destination that is more commonly associated with adventure and the great outdoors: Australia.

Ultimately, there are countless reasons that people love to travel to Australia. Currently, one of the country's major draws is the Australian Open. The annual tennis tournament is one that the sporting community looks forward to each year, partially because of its strong reputation for providing tourists with a great deal of fun.

However, throughout the rest of the year, various attractions pull tourists to the country in droves. There is world class scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef; unique urban environments in Sydney and Melbourne; the chance to observe rare wildlife; and even an increasingly vibrant wine culture. However, don't be fooled. Just because most of these attractions are environmental or adventurous in nature doesn't mean you won't be able to book luxury accommodations!

Specifically, Dial A Flight, in addition to offering various flight and travel deals, has compiled a helpful list of high-end hotels to help interested parties determine what options they have when abroad in Australia. And with some guidance from that list, here are a few specific venues to keep in mind if you're looking to take a trip Down Under:
  • Thala Beach Lodge - Located in Cairns in the northeast of Australia, this lodge is essentially a luxury resort built into an extremely natural, tranquil environment. It's the closest you'll find to a conventional tropical retreat in Australia; with gorgeous ocean views, beachside bungalow accommodation options, and even a restaurant that looks out over the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Four Seasons Sydney - As tends to be the case, the Four Seasons is the class of hotel accommodation in Sydney and it's perhaps the most traditional luxury option you'll find in Australia. Located in the thick of the city, but with views of the famed harbour and Opera House it's filled with all the amenities- elegant rooms, accommodating spas, an enormous heated pool, etc.- that you expect in a hotel with such high ratings.

  • Palazzo Versace - Located on the Gold Coast south of Brisbane, this hotel is almost like a slice of Vegas thrown into Australia. Or, rather, it's like a slice of Italy. Built in the traditional image of Venetian villas and palaces (but with an unmistakable resort vibe), the Palazzo offers a rich and decadent experience. It's teeming with stylized luxury, with every last detail fitting into the Venetian image. Also, its location is tough to beat for beauty.

These are just a few of the popular options available. Again, it's important for ambitious travellers to recognize that Australia- often seen as a bit of a wild destination- is far from lacking in the luxury department. Any of the above listed resorts can truthfully be called world class, and each can make your adventurous stay in Australia all the more comfortable and memorable.

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