The Style Word: 5 Minutes With The Makeup School's Jacqui McElroy

Jacqui McElroy is a make-up artist and founder of The Makeup School (which offers courses in Glasgow and London). She has worked on shoots with Kylie Minogue and The Pussycat Dolls, and for brands such as Net-a-Porter. She has joined us to share her SS14 makeup tips, and to tell us about the courses she teaches...

Tell us a bit about your background and your school, and how people can get involved?

I'm originally from the Southside of Glasgow, but I left when I was 17 to live in London. I had no idea what I wanted career-wise until I met a makeup artist whilst living in Hong Kong. I eventually took a course in makeup when I was 24 years old and I have never looked back. I decided to start the makeup school after years of freelancing & seeing that there was a gap in the market for a boutique makeup school. Something that's small & not intimidating like some of the bigger ones. I have brought the school to Glasgow as we were getting a lot of scottish students. I love doing my Glasgow classes as everyone gets my sense of humour and I get to be back home too. Anyone that has a passion for makeup can do our course. We teach absolute beginners and the course is jam packed with information that I wished I had been given when I studied. Our classes are small so everyone will get the attention they require. To book, we can be emailed at:

Talk us through the SS14 beauty trends? 

There is a lot of emphasis on the word 'sport' this SS14, so makeup should be kept light, glowing & flawless. 
Eyebrows are also a big focus this year. Think Cara Delavigne- gone are the hard, thin drawn-on brows. You can pick up some great eyebrow pencils from Laura Mercier, Mac & Kevin Aucoin.
Foundation should be as always- creamy and glowing. Focus should be more on primers and moisturisers, as this will help you achieve the raw natural skin effect that most of us crave.
Eyeliner flicks are making a come back (but not in the Amy Winehouse style), along with pastel colour hues a la 1970s style on the eyelids. If eyeliner & eyeshadow is not your thing then don't worry, as bright statement lipstick is all the rage too.
Using blushers of the bronze variety to keep in check with your sporty glowing skin is a must, or peach pinched cheeks to imitate that flash of colour after that run round the park.

Can you share a makeup application secret with us?

Tight eyeliner technique is something I'm very hot on and teach my students with conviction until they can achieve the technique. It will define your eyes as well as opening them up. I recommend the Laura Mercier flat eyeliner brush & either a brown or black gel eyeliner.

To achieve the look follow these simple steps:

1. Dip the flat eyeliner brush in the gel pot. Remove the excess on the back of your hand.
2. Gently press your finger on the eyelid with the brush free hand (this helps to control blinking)
3. Gently wiggle/press the brush between the eyelashes (this is quite tricky but persevere, the effect is worth it). Remember the trick is you should not see a visible eyeliner line. Its filling in the flesh between the lashes with colour to make the lashes appear thicker & fuller therefore defining the eye.

Are there any celebrities whose makeup looks you love?
Kate Moss for Alexander McQueen SS14
I have to say the very obvious- Kate Moss. Every shoot she is featured in, she suits every look that is bestowed upon her. A style icon for sure. 

What is your must-have makeup item?

My favourite product is Laura Merciers 'Eye Basics' (£20.50 from House of Fraser). It lifts and brightens your eyelid; concealing any redness or tiredness, and it's a fantastic base if you're using eyeshadow. I could not live without this product.

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