A Hard Day's Night At Lush Spa, Edinburgh

Even if you've never set foot in a Lush store, you'll be aware of its iconic scents from a stroll past one on the high street. Several Lush stores have added day spas, offering facial and massage treatment with a twist.

Lush Spas have the same Lush ethos of natural ingredients, being environmentally conscious and sourcing ingredients responsibly; whilst offering exclusive Lush Spa treatments that look after your body and send your mind off to another planet.

The Lush Spas have the cute and quaint decor of an old-fashioned country kitchen and living room. In this waiting area you will meet your therapist who will introduce you to the treatment you are having.

All Lush Spa treatments are accompanied by a composed-for-Lush exclusive soundtrack that plays in perfect harmony with the treatment you are having. With the 'Hard Days Night' treatment, the clue is in the title- the music is all re-worked Beatles' songs that have been given a folk-style lullaby spin.

My Hard Days Night Treatment at Lush Spa Edinburgh began with me changing into a crisp and soft pair of cotton pyjamas that were left in the treatment room for me, wrapped around a hot water bottle, by my therapist Chris.

At first I was apprehensive about having a male therapist (something I hadn't encountered before); but I was put at instant ease by Chris that it ceased to be an issue almost immediately. In fact, the treatment is the best i've ever had- I think in part due to his added male strength.

Once I was changed and in the treatment bed, I rang a bell for Chris to re-enter, and The Beatles' music and my Lush Spa experience properly began.

Hard Days Night does contain elements of massage (all done on top of your pyjamas); but it is mainly a treatment of passive stretching i.e. your therapist moves all your limbs for you, stretching your muscles and loosening all those stiff joints. It can be quite painful at times; but the discomfort is more that worth it for the relaxed 'floating on a cloud' feeling you get afterwards. As soon as Chris started working on me, my back cracked (as did my hips), and it was amazing. Everything is done in time to the music and in keeping with the lyrics, so all your senses are engaged and relaxed.

After the treatment was over, I opened my eyes to a life-affirming message from The Beatles on the ceiling, and changed back into my clothes. I then headed back to the lounge area where Chris had laid out tea and Jammie Dodgers for me to further unwind with.

Everyone who has the Hard Days Night treatment, also gets the exclusive Lavender-scented Golden Slumbers bath bomb to have a bath with when you get home. Cue your best sleep ever.

The Hard Days Night Treatment costs £85 at Lush Spas nationwide, and the treatment itself lasts for 75 minutes. For more information and to sample the music, visit the Lush website here.

Image Credits: Laura Pearson-Smith for Stylecation

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