Dinner at Sugar Dumplin', Glasgow

Sugar Dumplin' is new on the block in Glasgow's luxurious Princes Square shopping complex. This hot new restaurant and rum bar serves authentic and delicious Caribbean food, and we couldn't wait to try it when it opened.

Sugar Dumplin Glasgow Interior

Luckily, we weren't disappointed, and it exceeded our expectations. The food is superb and plentiful; so be prepared to have to loosen your trousers on the way out. Everything is themed Carribean-style; but not in a cheesy, over-the-top way- table water is served in imported rum bottles, and up-ended wooden boats make for great seats.

Sugar Dumplin Glasgow Menu

The menu is extensive, and whilst most of the food has a spicy kick to it (they even give you extra sauce bottles to up the ante), there are quite a few excellent options for those with a milder palette. 

For our starter, we shared the Roti & Garlic Flatbread With Spiced Crushed Nuts and Avocado Oil Dip (£4.75)  I could have happily chowed down on this all by myself (and what I wouldn't do for a plate right now as i'm writing this)! Chopped spiced nuts with oil and bread was never a combination I would have considered before; but it's heavenly and must be tried.

I love a bit of spice and full-on flavour, so for my main course I opted for the BBQ Jerk Chicken Breast & Fried Plantain Chips (£11.95). This had been chargrilled after being marinated for 12-hours, and it was so juicy and spicy. It was also great to have the novelty of the plantain. Plantain doesn't taste of much; but the extra sauce bottles soon sorted that out.

The other main course we had was the Jerk Pulled Pork Roti & Sweet Potato Fries (£7.95). I obviously couldn't resist having some of this also. The pork was mild but so tasty and succulent, and the roti is a great lighter option for those who don't want a heavier burger bun. I can't wait to return here and try some of their other offerings, as the whole menu looks so tempting. It's definitely a place for foodies.

To book a table and view the full menu, visit www.sugardumplin.co.uk.

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